The angels are hired to investigate a murder at a health spa for the rich and famous called Springtime.  The murder victim is an actress, Eve Le Deux, and has just finished a manuscript about her memoirs at the spa.  Eves niece grew suspicious when her Aunt stopped writing and her manuscript went missing.

Kris goes to Springtime undercover as a fitness instructor, Sabrina as a chef and Kelly as a guest with a troubled past.  Kris is immediately suspicious of Zora the physio therapist, who threatens to break her neck.  

When Kelly checks in she is visited by the resident doctor, Dr Slaven, who convinces Kelly to undertake hypnosis therapy.   Zora becomes suspicious of Sabrina when she spots her going through the directors, Miss Ingrids files.  Kris finds out that her & Sabrinas covers are blown when a patient, Norma Powers, informs her that she was told by Miss Ingrid.  Kris is almost murdered when she is locked in the sauna and the heat is turned up.  She is rescued just in time by Kelly, who happens to see Zora leaving the sauna

Bosley becomes suspicious when all his phone messages to Sabrina are not passed on by Miss Ingrid, so he poses as an electrician to get a message to Sabrina.  Bosley has discovered that a girl called Amy, who was the last person to see Eve Le Deux alive, was paid $5000 by Zora to disappear.

Kelly pretends to be hypnotised by Dr Slaven and finds out that she and Zora have been blackmailing patients by forcing them to tell secrets while under hypnosis.  Dr Slaven and Zora were also blackmailing Norma Powers because they knew that Norma killed Eve Le Deux because Norma didn't want Eve's manuscript to be released.

Kris finds the manuscript but is knocked out and captured by Zora who tries to kill her.  She is rescued just in time by Kelly and Sabrina.

Season 3